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The whole point of having a web site is to get customers! In order to do this, your site must be visible to your target market. In addition to the usual print, radio and television media exposure, customers find business web sites by searching for specific products and services in Search Engines, by clicking on links in Internet Business Directories, or by clicking on links in any type of site where your URL might be posted.

Rule-of-Thumb: You should always include your URL on all printed marketing materials and any other media your business advertises in.

Be Patient: Building a quality Search Engine Ranking is a long-term process. Expecting instant results is not realistic. However, if you apply online marketing practices consistently, over the long haul, you will get results. Accelerating the process is possible, but costs a great deal.

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SEO Services

In order to get a good Search Engine Ranking (placement on a search page), various methods can be used, some of which cost money, and some of which are free but take time. TFG implements basic Search Engine Optimization techniques* in the development of all custom web sites. We offer two Starter Kits for the Do-It-Yourselfer business owner. For more aggressive SEO campaigns, please see the bottom of the page for links to professional SEO vendors.

TFG will consult with you on all the various web-based methods - paid and free - to drive traffic to your website including pay-per-click ads, business directory listings, backlinks from other sites and more. We offer a customized 3-4 page basic DITY report to clients interested in learning how to drive traffic to their websites.

Our basic kit also includes:
  • Submission of your URL to major Search Engines/Directories (see graphic below) and to industry specific Business Directories which allow free submissions (10 of these will be researched for each client). Most other Search Engine and Directory submissions are fee-based and will require client evaluation and payment prior to submission. The number of relevant sites linking back to yours is a significant element in the Google PageRank algorithm.
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    Note: It has come to our attention that Open Directory (DMOZ) has an increasing number of complaints directed at it by the web development community for long delays in submission acceptance. This has been our experience as well and therefore, we no longer guarantee submission to our clients. It is still a good idea to attempt submission, but acceptance might take up to 2 years or more, or you might never be accepted. To read more about the ODP, visit:

  • Strategic use of title and description metatags, used for ranking by Google and other search engines.

  • Strategic use of keywords phrases (words and phrases customers use to search for your product/service) in HTML metatags and site content. Most Search Engines now rank based on keywords used in the title and most importantly, in the text content of the page.

  • Strategic use of organic anchor link phrases (links from words or phrases in naturally flowing text on your site). Google recently changed their site ranking algorithm and is placing more weight on these types of links. Read SEO For The New Google for more info on this.

  • Use of other coding methods that structure a webpage to be search engine friendly

  • A copy of our Search Engine Relational Overview Chart which is a visual aid that shows how Search Engines, Portals, MetaSearch, Pay-per-Click Ad Providers and Directories feed each other. This chart illustrates the fact that if you submit your URL to the top Search Engines and Directories, over time, your link will begin appearing in most if not all Search Engines and General Directory resources. To speed the process, you simply pay for inclusion.

  • Finally, just as you choose what types of print and media advertising work best for your business, you must also choose what types of internet promotion to use. TFG can assist you in reviewing additional online promotional resources including Pay-per-Click ad campaigns and more.

For clients interested in tracking their own data and managing their own SEO campaigns, we can also setup Google Sitemaps and Google Analytics for your website. These tools are provided by Google to assist you in tracking the number of visitors to your site and other types of website data that can give you a valuable picture of the how end-users are utilizing your site.

  • Setup of a Google Analytics account for your URL with javascript tracker embed on each website page. Google Analytics allows you to learn where your visitors come from and how they interact with your site.

  • Creation of a Google Sitemaps file and posting this file to your server along with a robots.txt file. A Google sitemaps file tells Google all about your pages and assists Google in learning which pages are most important and how often those pages change. This file also allows your site to be indexed by, the 4th largest Search Engine.

*TFG is not a professional SEO vendor and does not guarantee search engine ranking, track metrics or run online marketing campaigns. Our SEO Starter Kits include educated advice on how best to approach DITY Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. For the absolute best possible Search Engine Marketing, TFG recommends that you hire a professional SEO services provider:

In addition, TFG will not implement any type of SEO practices that Search Engines have determined as spamming. These “black hat” practices will get you kicked off most Search Engines in a hurry. These include, but are not limited to keyword stuffing, hidden text, doorway pages, javascript redirects, link farms, etc.

About Search Engine Relationships

Understanding the relationship of the major search engines and who they power is key to maximizing your site ranking and exposure without breaking the bank. To enable our clients to better understand how to optimize marketing dollars and exposure in the search marketing world, TFG conducted an in-depth assessment of search engines and developed a Search Engine Relationship Chart.*

Right-click to download our free Search Engine Relational Overview.

*Most of the data on this overview was gathered from Search Engine Watch, the Search Engine Decoder, and discussions with the Overture sales team.

Disclaimer: Search Engine relationships change daily. The overview includes the most accurate data TFG was able to find as of 10.21.04.

Top Search Engines

Google is the top Search Engine as of June, 2007 and its index powers other major search sites such as AOL, Netscape,, and more. Yahoo, the second largest search engine, powers Lycos, HotBot, Alta Vista, All the Web, MSN, and more. Pay-per-Click and Sponsored Ad listings with these search engines power other portals, search engines, and metasearch engines as well.

1. Google 53.7%
2. Yahoo 22.7%
3. MSN Search 8.9%
— Stats courtesy of WebSideStory

Got Traffic?
Do you want your potential customers to know how to find you on the web?

Keyword embedded, quality written content is the cornerstone of Search Engine Optimization for your website, increasing search engine ranking and delivering targeted traffic to your website.

Get It In Writing, a TFG partner business, provides the following content optimization services:
  • Keyword-embedding strategy
  • Search Engine friendly content
  • Articles & eNewsletters
  • Landing Pages
  • Blog Entries