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The most detail intensive projects for a designer are web developments. There are many questions that need to be answered that most business owners don’t think of when planning to launch a web site or web presence.

TFG makes sure that all project details are defined before creating one pixel of a client’s web site.

Proper project planning for custom web development is a must for cost-effectivness and efficient development timelines.

Review the outline below to get an idea of what to expect during your web development project:

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Project Planning

  • Development Window/Timetable for Deliverables
  • Basic Project Description: outlined by client
  • Project Budget
  • Site Objective: What return do you expect from the site?
    If E-commerce, do you have an online marketing/merchandising plan?
  • Site Maintenance: Who will perform ongoing maintenance updates to the site?
  • Target Market/End-User: Who? Knowing who your potential customers are enables us to implement different stylings that appeal to various demographics. Your web site should draw your potential customers in and invite them to find out more about your business, and ultimately, purchase your products/services.
    Define: style, colors, photos used?, logo, etc.
    508 Accessibility Compliance Coding for the Disabled?
    How many end users?
  • End-user Browser/Platform/Monitor/Device LCD:
    Max Size/Width of page?
    Code Standard: XHTML 1.0 or HTML?
    Stylesheets/Font sizes, colors, weights?
    Site compatibility: Mac/PC/Unix?
    Browser Compatibility?
    WAP/IM/Text Messaging?
    Bandwidth limitations of target audience?
  • Site Architecture: define site map (navigation), estimate number of static pages/dynamic page templates to be developed
  • SEO/PPC/Directories/Ranking: See SEO
  • Interface Interactivity Features: javascript, multimedia embedding, dropdown menus, etc.
  • Flash & Multimedia Elements: flash, shockwave, sound files, streaming video, etc.
  • Will site accept banner ads, text ads, other types of advertising?
  • Domain Name & Hosting: TFG will research and register the chosen Domain Name for our web development clients at Network Solutions for the cost of the registration plus a $35 processing fee. Download the form for this service here.
       We recommend Network Solutions to host informational web sites. E-Commerce sites have a variety of hosting requirements, defined at initial consultation.
    Domain Name/URL:
    Hosting Company
    Dedicated Server/Colocation?
    SSL Certificate required
    Merchant account/payment gateway required (must be set up by client)
    How many products/images/product descriptions?
    What special features (beyond basic cart functionality) do you require for your store? Eg. Discounts, Coupons, Gift Certificates, Free Shipping, Custom Layout features, etc.

    Note: Large stores (300 products and up) are built with X-Cart through Internet Simplicity developers. Smaller stores are built using MonsterCommerce.

  • Web Application/Database Development: scripting or programming of any kind for forms, shopping carts, merchant account product database integration, site search function, content management systems, etc.
  • Content Development: Define whether you have pre-existing logos, color schemes, photos, or other media you would like to use in the web site in additon to text copy. TFG will make recommendations about implementation of standard content such as copyright statements, site maps, terms of use, disclaimers, payment & shipping terms and other informational elements. We generally prefer clients to submit their own content, although we will assist in editing the content.

    Note: TFG will subcontract a content developer/writer at client request.

  • Privacy Policy (if needed): Define ramifications of end-user information collection - privacy policy, information release policy for 3rd parties.

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Proposal & Cost Estimate

Once the project specifications are defined, a cost estimate proposal based on the hourly rate and the number of hours needed to complete the project will be submitted to you for evaluation, usually within three business days.
   Project specifications are outlined in this proposal and includes itemized development details, project schedule and milestones (if needed), payment terms, types of deliverables, deliverables dates, etc.

Basic milestones & timeline (sample):
  • Define all features and functionality needed for the web site.
  • Discuss SEO options - define approach.
  • Create cost estimation/statement of work proposal; send to client for review/approval.
  • Signed contract received by TFG. Initial project payment due (if indicated).
  • Visual interface development / programming and function testing/debugging.
  • Integration of front-end. Style sheets creation. Content proofing/editing.
  • Testing - Browser/Platform debugging
  • Client Final Approval: Deployment/Live Posting*
  • Final Payment Received

*A hosting account must have been opened by client prior to post date

the contract

TFG requires all clients to approve and sign a contract that will protect both TFG and the client, and provide a solid expectation and agreement about creation and delivery of the project.
   The contract will evolve from the Statement of Work and will be legally binding upon both the client and TFG.
   Work will not commence until a signed contract has been received by TFG. See Payment Terms ›

client feedback

Scheduled feedback sessions will take place based on number of revisions spec’d in contract.
   Client feedback and approvals necessary to achieve scheduled project milestones are mandatory to ensure timely advancement of the project.
   Your input is valued and necessary for project deadlines to be met as scheduled.

browser testing & site posting

TFG tests all web sites for basic browser/platform compatibility. Client may specify a wide array of browsers and platforms that the web site must be compatible with.
   Get details about our testing and compatibility services.

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web site maintenance plans

  • A separate contract will be negotiated for annual web site maintenance for all TFG web dev clients.
  • TFG will contract with clients who already have sites posted but need a vendor to perform updates and maintenance on their site.
  • TFG contracts for web maintenance services for one-year periods.
    Minimum charge: 15 minute increment (updates charged at hourly rate)
    Standard update window: 3 business days
    Priority fee will be charged if client needs updates posted prior to 3 business days.
  • Billing for web maintenance occurs quarterly.
  • Custom requests can be outlined in each individual contract and will be charged accordingly.
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