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Choosing the Right Design Company

Within the graphic and web design industries, there exists a dizzying array of niche disciplines and skill levels. It is not always easy to choose a designer or design company that fits your business branding needs. So, how can you tell which one is right for your business? The following is an outline that covers some of the more common delineators for businesses that offer creative services.

Types of Creative

The design industry includes literally hundreds of sub-disciplines ranging from standard print design, to website design, to multimedia, packaging, environmental design (signage) and more. Some designers specialize in niche creative such as identity design (logos), icon design, poster design, media cover design, etc. Know what you need before you speak to a designer. Most of the time, a short telephone interview will help you determine whether a designer offers the range of skills you need to deliver your project materials.

Quality - Price - Speed

Since it is rare to find all 3 in a design vendor, choose the 2 that are most important to you. You can check the quality of the designer’s product by viewing their online portfolio and/or speaking to past clients. Remember, project management skills are just as important as design skills. Avoid headaches—work with a designer who organizes an efficient project workflow.

During the phone interview, find out if the designer has the bandwidth to deliver your project by your deadline. You can also find out the designer’s base rate. Most designers will guestimate a loose ballpark cost once you have described your project. Many will follow up with a more formal ballpark outline.

Quick Tip: To keep project costs reasonable and receive the best quality design, allocate plenty of lead time. Demanding quick turn-arounds may incur rush fees. And most designers can not deliver high quality work when time crunched.

Skill Level

You get what you pay for. This old adage is always true. Set realistic expectations in terms of the level of design quality you can afford and hire accordingly. Some projects are tailor-made for college students or designers who are just starting out. Keep in mind that the design of your marketing materials is an investment in your business—just like capital equipment. You will pay more for better quality design but it will also last longer and present a more polished image to your target audience.

Breadth of Services

Just like there are hundreds of design niches, there are also hundreds of design services configurations. Some companies offer marketing strategy, advertising campaigns, full website design and development services including application development, promotional products, signs, and more—all under one roof. Some offer only identity design or web site design. Some companies offer a set array of services but have partnerships with other vendors to offer an expanded menu of services.

Typically, the more services a design firm offers, the higher the project costs.

Thanks for stopping by. Whatever your needs are, we would love to work with you on your business branding. Call us today at 831.338.2834 for a brainstorming session!

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