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All multimedia presentations on this page were developed in Macromedia Director. Get the Shockwave plugin ›

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Flying Saucer Animation
Flying Saucer Love 194kb
The artwork for this piece was created using Director’s built in paint window (a bit limited in scope) at the behest of the instructor. It limited the quality of the graphics, but certainly not their charm.

Wonderful World Slider
Wonderful World Slideshow 533kb
This project entailed extensive lingo coding to produce. The photos are stock. Browse at your own pace, and dream a little if you dare. Life is full of magic, if you are open to it.

Quilt Slide Show
Quilt Slideshow 1,131kb
A timed slideshow of beautiful quilt photos taken at the International Quilt Show at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Interactive Hotel Brochure
Interactive Hotel Brochure 548kb
The concept and graphics of this interactive brochure for a mythical hotel/spa are original; everything else was taken from the Universal Student Warehouse of Project Materials. Of all the work I have done in Director, this is my favorite.